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Body piercing materials[edit]

Some edits might have to be done, mainly language issues. I am not a native english speaker so there may be an abundance of errors in the text. The factual bit is pretty well covered I think. --Bong 00:00, 16 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Most of this section has faults - Blackline, Zircon Gold and Implantium are trade marks of the Wildcat Collection (UK) they are not materials used in piercing jewellery but rather brands. References to 316L being the same as 316LVM are incorrect (it is either 316L or 316LVM) Plastastic is a trade mark of the wildcat collection and not a material. Reference that PTFE is biocompatible is incorrect (this is based on emperical evidence only) Teflon is a trade mark of DUPONT

Ziron Two is a brand no longer used by Wildcat.

Many materials have been left out!